In the early days, before computers, bookkeeping was actually done in a journal or actual book. Now bookkeeping is done with accounting software on the computer. We know how to eliminate errors kept in your books. If you need help with the QuickBooks system, we have experience with helping others in that area and we can help you too. Keep in mind that QuickBooks is a great resource for small businesses, but only if it is correctly installed. Just like any other tool, if you aren’t experienced in using it, it isn’t much use to you. The experience that we have with QuickBooks software will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Bookkeeping can be such a pain sometimes. The amount of invoices, bills, and other paperwork you could be faced with is daunting. Let us take care of the numbers. In the past we have successfully identified areas that negatively affected the profit of a business. We take this information to come up with a reasonable plan that will help you act accordingly. We can track your accounts payable and accounts receivable so that you can just focus on your business. Bookkeeping is like a guide for your business. If done correctly, it can help you plan your business’s future. The complexities that come with bookkeeping can be overwhelming. Don’t let someone do your bookkeeping in a disorganized manner. The slightest mistake can lead to terrible set backs. We know how to run a tight ship and we will apply that ideal to your books.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

When a company gets a bank statement, it is essential that the amount on the bank statement is compatible with the amount in that company’s cash account in its general ledger. This must be verified. This verification is known as bank statement reconciliation. Reconciliation is a way for a company to know that their bookkeeping is sound. Dealing with multiple checks and items in a company’s bookkeeping and trying to match them up with a bank statement can be unbelievably time consuming. Some items on the bank statement may show up on a particular month, but on the company’s books those same items show up on a different month. It can easily become a headache. That is why most businesses tend to hire a professional.

If you receive your bank statement and immediately scratch your head in confusion, have no fear. David M Florijan CPA Inc. is here. Accuracy is the key when reconciling bank statements. We implement accuracy into our record-keeping. We match your information to the banks’ statements. When you have a deposit that the bank has not received that month yet, we take the proper actions by listing the deposit as a reconciling item.