Tax Planning & Consulting

Our clients get the best of both worlds. Our clients, both individuals and businesses, are provided with professional level consulting of tax planning. Both individuals and multi-tiered partnerships are serviced by our team to make the most of the newest tax legislation. We will help you through various tax planning strategies that limit your tax liabilities.

Tax Deposits

Tax deposits will be taken care of here. Don’t suffer from penalties that the IRS gives you because you forgot to make a payment. We can take care of your deposit payments for you.

Businesses have to deposit both their employer and employee Medicare and social security taxes. They also have to deposit the federal income taxes that are withheld. They have to determine what scheduling type they are required to use before each calendar year, and if they don’t make their deposit on time they might be subject to a failure-to-deposit penalty. This penalty can be up to 15 percent. Make sure your business doesn’t fail to make tax deposits on time. If you don’t completely understand tax deposits or if you just don’t have the time, David M Florijan CPA Inc. will make sure your deposits are on time.

Tax Notices

We view our clients as partners. We are here for you. Even past April 15th we will keep you in the know about tax updates all year long. When you see a notice in the mail, you can call on us. Whether the tax notice you receive is requesting payment, notifying you about a change to your account or asking you for additional information, we know the proper steps to take to alleviate the problem. Don’t panic. We’ve got this.

Tax Preparation

Taxes can be a hassle. Come to David M Florijan CPA Inc. for help. We have a father and daughter team of trustworthy licensed CPA’s that will take care of your taxes for you.

The David M Florijan CPA Inc. team will help you through your tax return process. We know the latest tax laws, and we will make sure to get you the most out of your return. With us you get a partner who will look out for your personal or business interests to get you the biggest refund and smallest legal liability.

W2 and 1099 Form Services

The W2 form is extremely important for you to prepare your tax return. Don’t dismiss the form due to confusion. The confusing W2 form that helps the IRS track your wage and salary information is not worth your worry. We can take care of filing your information.

The same goes for your 1099 form. The 1099 helps the IRS track all non-wage and non-salary types of income you might receive throughout the year. This form is important for you to get the most out of your tax return. We take care of the 1099 so your tax return comes back properly.